History of Tezpur

The history of Tezpur is put together with the facts gathered from relics like the coper plattes of Vanamats, the Rock Inscriptions of Harjar Varma and ancient scriptures like Mahabharata, As with the other parts of Assam, the earliest rulers of Tezpur were the Bodos. With the gradual downfall of Bodo sovereignty, Tezpur witnessed the mighty Ahoms rise to power. Powerful Ahom rulers like Pratapsimha, Rudrasimha and Rajeswarsimha ruled over Tezpur for with an iron fist despite frequent attacks of the Mughals. Eventually the Ahoms got frail in front of the well armed soldiers of the British army and Tezpur came under the rule of the then Superpower, England.

It was the Britishers who laid the foundation of modern Tezpur.  Because of the thriving business prospects through the river ports of Tezpur, and its brilliant location , tezpur was made the Headquaters of Darrang district in 1835.

World war II triggered mass immigration of refugees from Burma, mostly Anglo-Burmese Military persomels and Anglo-Indian nurses. Even after independence of India in 1947, Tezpur continued to be the headquaters of Darrang district.

Tezpur went through a major catastrophe in the year 1962, with the advent of Sino-Indian War. When the Chinese marched till Tawang city of Arunachal Pradesh, the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru ordered the town to be evacuated immediately leaving the unarmed residents without any shred of protection. The prisoners of jail and the patients of mental hospital were released. The SBI employees burnt the currencies and dumped the coins in a tank. A small group of locals known as Youth Emergency Organisation(YEO), headed by Hiren Choudhury  guarded the city unarmed till law and order was restored.

In 1983, Darrang district was split into two independent districts, Darrang and Sonitpur. Tezpur was made the eadquaters of the new district Sonitpur.

Some important historical relics of Tezpur are listed below:

BAR PUKHURI AND PADUM PUKHURI : these serene lakes constitute the most ancient water bodies of the town and are buit in the fond memory of the ancient king of tezpur, Bana and his daughter Usha.

Hazara Pukhuri: This a scenic lake encompassing an area of 70 acres was exhumed by a king of the Harjjar Dynasty. It was previously known as Harjjara Pukhuri.

Rock Inscriptions of Rudrapad: an ancient rock engraved with a nine line inscription of Hajjar Varma was found in a temple called Rudrapad, around 2 kms from Tezpur. The inscription dates back to 829 A.D. and is the first valid, notewothy account of Assam’s history.

Christian CEMETERY: the  year old cemetery is the ultimate resting place for many catholic Europeans who came to Tezpur for various religious, administrative and business purposes, including Alexander Bruce, the pioneer of tea industry in india.

DA PARBATIA RUINS: the ruins of temple of Da Parbatiya, dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are few of the oldest specimens of sculpute and architecture styles of Assam. Its door frame is a brilliant example of ancient iconoclastic art in Assam and has strong resemblance to the Gupta style of sculpture.

Bamuni Hills Ruins: the ruins of Bamuni hills are perched in the eastern region of the town. These  are religious shrines dedicated to Hindu deities like lord Shiva and ord Vishnu and belong to a sanctified album of seven shrines. Their existence can be trace back to as early as 8th century A.D.


Singri Hill RUINS:  the temple ruins of singri hills are an unique blend of Buddhist and Hindu shrines and bear close resemblance to the temple ruins of Deopani and Numaligarh. These belong to a period of about 9th century A.D.

Tezpur History

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